Keeping a purified Shri yantra at your premises or work can bring happiness, prosperity and success. It’s a proven method and there is no substitute for this yantra. Try yogic, karmic and spiritual practices, it has an unlimited source of energy which can change your personality and give you a big aura.


The mother of all yantra known as Sri Yantra has nine constituent triangles that vary in size and shape and intersect to form 43 smaller triangles, organized in 5 concentric levels. Together they represent the totality of the cosmos and express Advaita or non-duality. This represents three Devi form’s Sorashi (Maha-Saraswati), Kamala (Maha-Laxmi) and Bhairawi (Maha-Kali). Sadhak can get anything worshipping and following the method of this yantra. It enhances the possibility of thinking, healthy immunity, and soul connection. A Shri Diksha and active Shri yantra is all in one remedy for all purposes.