Havan Prayer

Our Havan Services

Welcome to Shri Tantra Sangha, where we offer the sacred and transformative practice of Havan. Havan is an ancient Vedic ritual that harnesses the power of fire to purify the environment, promote positive energy, and invoke divine blessings. Our experienced priests and practitioners are dedicated to facilitating this profound and spiritually enriching experience.

1. Traditional Havan Ceremonies

Participate in traditional Havan ceremonies conducted by our skilled priests. These ceremonies include :

Ganapati Havan

To remove obstacles and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh.
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Nav graha Havan

For planetary harmony and well-being.
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Durga Havan

To invoke the protective energy of Goddess Durga.
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Saraswati Havan

For wisdom, knowledge, and academic success.
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Special Occasion Havans

Customized rituals for weddings, housewarming, and other significant life events.
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2. Personalized Havan Rituals:

Work with our experienced priests to create a personalized Havan ritual tailored to your specific intentions and needs. Whether you seek healing, abundance, or spiritual growth, we can design a Havan ceremony to align with your goals.

3. Group Fire Ceremonies

Join our informative and experiential group fire ceremonies to learn about the significance of Havan and participate in the sacred ritual. These group gatherings cover topics such as :

  • Understanding the symbolism and benefits of Havan.
  • Mantra chanting and offerings during the ceremony.
  • Practical guidance for incorporating fire rituals into your spiritual practice.

Why Choose Shri Tantra Sangha?​

  • Experienced Priests: Our priests are highly trained and skilled in conducting authentic Havan ceremonies with reverence and precision.
  • Holistic Well-Being: Havan rituals promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by fostering positivity and harmony.
  • Personalized Intentions: We tailor each Havan ceremony to your unique intentions and spiritual journey, ensuring a meaningful and transformative experience.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Our practitioners offer spiritual guidance and insights to enhance your connection with the ritual and its significance.

Start Your Spiritual Journey

At Shri Tantra Sangha, we invite you to experience the transformative power of Havan. Whether you seek blessings, healing, or spiritual growth, Havan is a sacred path to purification and positive transformation.

Ready to begin your journey? Contact Us and take the first step toward spiritual enrichment and blessings through the sacred practice of Havan.