What to do in lunar eclipse? Benefits or disadvantages to zodiac signs


What to do in lunar eclipse?
Benefits or disadvantages to
zodiac signs........

A lunar eclipse is going to happen on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, about which you are being told specifically, in this special event today, we are going to pay attention to which zodiac will get benefits due to this eclipse and who Will face problems due to zodiac eclipse Hello my name welcome Biswajit in our not in the video and during this video you are going to know which Eclipse is going to be here with us Lunar Eclipse 4 in the middle of July Kind of possibilities are being made. Total 12 amount is going to be released in the future, I am going to reveal what you are going to gain and loss. I am going to tell you what to do, you can get better mentality. Mental Health Final Health Result I can hope to explain all these things in short, please watch the video till the end and share it if you like it Aries is going to be affected by it and see the energies are telling that due to this eclipese you can take a lot of such decisions that you may have to struggle financially in future by turning your eyes on the reality at the same time. You can pay more attention to fantasy world, due to which you may want to achieve materialistic happiness in the coming time, it may have a long time. The people of Tauras are going to have an effect. It is going to be mentally disturbing. You will again move forward for the same battle in which you have not been successful in the past. This time and money can be lost. Whatever it is, enemies will become more powerful due to which people who are opstical in your life have more ability. And that’s why you can be confident .

The gemini is not going to benefit. This is eclipese. During this eclipse, if the master is chanted, then it may be fine that there is some kind of property problem going on in your family. You can get success in things too; Cancer can be very heavy for people, it can be eclipsed by this. Many facilities may have to move forward in some kind of battle which was going on in the past. And at the same time there is no visible financial benefit, there may be some block here, due to which you can experience mental pain, you can be eclipese for Leo people. You can come as well as the problem that is going on in the family as well, you will get victory at the same time, you are advised to recite the Guru Mantra during the course of the Havan. They have to do a lot of recital practice during the havan, this kind of chanting of this one havan The golden opportunity that you have been waiting for a long time can knock you down. Financial obstacles will end and you can befriend your enemies too.

This can be common for librarians and some kind of victory can also be attained in July month. If you have taken some kind of Guru Diksha then do Guru Diksha jaap. If Guru Mantra is not taken then some kind of havan There will be a confluence in it, which will definitely win you. This eclipse can be considered normal for the Libra zodiac, its effects should not come on you much. For the Scorpio people, this eclipse will be auspicious for you. You have been wasting money now, you will not have to do this further because your path is clear, but as I see it is a benefit in your future, and definitely read any deity goddess sagittarius. For it can be assumed Negative Emotion Vice can feel, Engagement can be in some kind of past memory. Appeal in trape like ups and down emojis, please meditate for peace on your mind and meditate and with Also, if you do any kind of havan, then you get benefit from it. Maybe this eclipse may be good for capricorn people because I see that they can feel much better already at the same time with them a lot of hope that will accumulate this positive energy which is your longer Will not support you in staying positive for the time being 

That is why your energy is going to fluke, which can create problems in your personal life and professional life, then chant the Guru Mantra, if the Guru has not taken the mantra, then participate in the havan, it will be for the aquarius, this magnificent eclipse is going to be the family. Problems you get financial fullfill in any kind of finances or relationship problem is going on and it may happen that something will become very soon as well as this eclipse which is your mental worries, you will get rid of the group mantra. Keep recitation during Eclipse or during the Havan, this Eclipse will be very negative for those pieces. Do not stop yourself from such negative issues. Think negatively and try as much as possible that a decision will be a problem for you to understand in the coming days, thanks for watching. Tive will be good july month wish you all very much………………………..

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