Secret of success in career..


Secret of success
in career....

Hello you are welcome once again on our YouTube channel, I hope you are enjoying our videos, if you are our new lover, then subscribe to our channel, like the videos and do not forget to subscribe to your friends family Or wherever you are, you can check our previous  videos because we have told a lot about our tarot and Vedic astrology and are also telling very important facts about tarot cards doing many readings, so today trading I have brought in which we are going to discus your career about your career, yes, which career path will be best for you, which career path we are in right now, what career path would be appropriate to change? In time, you can change and when you can ring all of these, today is making tea, like the video, subscribe, subscribe if the video is not learning in today’s video is more, then enjoy you today very soon. I will bring you thanks, so stay with us, for this I have already If I keep the guards successful, then I am removing and as you know we have 8 different stones. So here I am going to remove 16 cards that I have 8 stars, one store of same color is two colors, that is, I have 8 and 8 sixteen stones from bean color and energy stone, then I remove the cards one by one. I will keep this stole on you and I hope you have already choose  your colors, so the color we have is red,  blue,  green,  yellow,  pink,  white,  purple and orange. So here I am going to remove 16 cards that I have 8 stars, one store of same color is two colors, that is, I have 8 and 8 sixteen stones from bean color and energy stone, then I remove the cards one by one. I will keep this stole on you and I hope you have already sucked your colors, so the color we have is red blue green yellow pink white purple and orange.

So the reading that has come from the Purple people has come. There is 2 cards of the Purple people, one is on their left, one card is in their right, then it is in the left, 3 of the cup is in the left and in the right it is 2 of Wands and the one which is on the left. The card is your career presenter’s card and the right one is his card. He is your career’s future card. Your 3 off cups in the present means that you are enjoying your career life, enjoying these in the sense. Maybe there is not really an invisible one, but in your career, the career line that is your career is stress free and is a very good card and when you have a future, you are telling me that two of the wands means that you can walk in the future. Someone will change out of action for a short time to make a plan for adopting a new thing about the change, about a career about something.

If you see the yellow card, then the present card which is coming out in the left is the Justice which is a trump card and the Future card which is in the right is the 4 of Cups Justice card is telling which is your situation. There is something in your favorite thing that is going on in your favorite right now, if you are just going through anxiety or going through tension then don’t worry, things are in your hand and there is something else in your hand, Justice will remain in your hand. It is a very good card. It means that any problem that was not in the past should not have happened, then the person who removes the justice card can have some kind of profit. Seeing when in Career Wise Future It says that things will be normal, you will get positive, you will get a lot of expectation, which is very high, but it means that if you get a position, you will not be from it, you are missing something or something, you will not get anything.

So the card that has come from the Reds is the present card which is the 9 of cups and the future card is the Queen of Wands. As I understand it here, the Nine of Cups means that Satisfaction is going on. But the things that are still in your hand in your hand it means the reaxation. Everything is better. Everything is normal and the cards Queen of Wands is telling that a similar strenghth is going to happen, which will make you feel better.

So the pink card has come, the present card which is the Wheel of Fortune and the future card which has the 8 of cups, then the Wheel of Fortune means that wherever you are in your career life, you are feeling very happy. Whatever the present situation is, in the coming 6 to 8 months, you are going to get a lot of happiness which is going to be a joy. You are not going to accept new things in your present, and the change that you have will not be good for them. It will not happen but the future card is telling, it is telling the Eight of Cups. This means that the changes that will happen, you will not be so set in the early stages. You are not satisfied with the way. That there is a big change in your life, you want a big goal to be achieved and some big milestones are reached which tell the situation of the card that there will be a change, but the changes will come whether I was waiting for someone. You will get a kind of unsightly feeling.

So the green card that has come is the present card which is the Two Off Cup of Future card which is the Judgment Judgment Trump Card and the Two Off Cup is telling you that work voice career wise you will get support in the present. Showing you support, you will get support, you are the manager, you are the friend, your family member, whoever you are, will support you, telling the future card, that is, you are getting support in the present, which is telling about the Judgment, but going forward you will be very I feel that the person who has taken the wrong decision, that you will have to go ahead and take advice and talk to someone and think and take decision.

 So the card that has come from the white people has come, which is the present card, the Knight of the Cup. This means that your present career is changing, I am changing, you are going to accept your career, but the meaning of this card It is also that you can make a career. You may have to go out about the career. Regarding the career and what the future card is, it is telling 9 of Swords which is a very bad card which is a negativity card means that The change that is happening in your life, you will have to make changes in your career, but there is a lot of problem in it, it does not have to allow the network to come in. B positive.

So the card that has come from the blue ones has come, which is the card in the present, it is telling that 9 of Wands is telling that there will be some kind of plane expectation in the present situation, which can also be seen as a failure. There is a target, that target will not be able to achieve what you have. You will not be able to achieve 9 of Wands. A great card and future card which is a 5 of Sword is telling that if you are thinking that in the future you will have a lot of it. You will win but there will be some things that you will not win, you will try, but you will not be able to do what is funny. This is the card of Ketu which says that it can be trouble.

So the card of the people of Orange is that of the present. This card means that your career life is running fluency. Energy which is not right is doing fluency. Hidden anime is also very big hand in it. Be aware with the people. Do not believe people and the future card is the King of Swords. It means as I said, do not believe anyone, then some King of Swords is telling that there is a man who will problem you. I would advise that you pay attention to the liquid-related pages of water, work in the liquid companies, then only in your life, these short I told you to contact me for further, I hope you will like the video for more information. 


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