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You are welcome once again on our YouTube channel and today we are going to start our online reading true video which I will give readings is readings will remain valid for a long time, these will be very long as I remove this card If you are watching this video even after 1 month, then it will be applicable to you as well, the reading I am going to give is on the special love life because according to my experience and according to the general survey which is the most. Off the Prometric Area, which is the most delicate problem, it is a delicate issue, it can be our relationship, are you enough? You have achieved big goals, but somewhere in our life, there is some past in our life. Person and related questions keep coming in us even today, most people sleep this question and if you are feeling this, then you do not like it alone, there are many more people in their lives. Do not think of yourself as lonely and downcast I can understand your emotions And today’s video of our reading is based on the relationship, then I will request you again that what I am working hard on YouTube, you are sending the readings, telling you how to do the loading, what is the import and what Things are all hard work, it will be successful only when you subscribe and share this channel, if you use anything in this video then you will definitely share.The cards I am suffling them are a lot of people who make them souffle, some people divide it and mix it, so you can be as comfortable as you can, shuffling is very important as well as you are suffling. If your readings emerge in such a good way, then I will suffle these cards completely, after making sufflings, I will divide them, after dividing, I will color it as some stars, according to that I will present it according to my Suck the favorite color and all the favorite colors that I will get out of the car will tell your love relationship.So we have Total 8 Stones which are Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Red, White and Blue and these are two pieces. We have to suck here which stone is yours, which color do you like? This is the stance that is what it reveals to your energy which is why I use this stance because you will know that the problem of relationship among billions of people is there.

So I have suffle the cards. I have placed the stones on the card. The stalls on my left hand will tell your present what your situation is in the present and what I have placed in the right. Tell me your future from the right if someone Shame on the card means that Purple has come on the same card. That means that whoever is your present will be your future, let’s start, then the first of the Puple people is the one who has come here. Both of them have come with stone bean color, so this means that your present will be your future.The card of those who have selected this Purple Card is telling that those who had their comments on it are in a relationship with each other or I have a side love or a committed relationship in it. You must have understood that this card means cheating, you have got negativity and deception in recognition, that is, you will get the same in future, negtivity and deception.

It will tell the present of those who have selected pink stone and the future of those who have been selected green. So the card that came from them is in the Broken Heart Present, you are emotional down, your heart is broken and the green is green, who has added the stone. May break memories.

So now I am going to present the present of the low ones and the future cards of the blue ones.So the card that has come from the blue ones and the yellow ones has come 3 off Wands, that means that in the present you are going into relationship, in this you needed some kind of modification, you needed some new implementation so that you You have been able to continue and you are ready for that and what is in the future is also telling you that you are going to have a relationship relationship.

So now I am taking the present of the yellow ones and the future of the red ones, so the present of the red ones is avoiding you, you are off the relationship. If you are getting peace then it means that there is a little disturbing bank going on in the relationship and the people who are in the future, it is seen in them that what is here, you will get a lot of frustration in this relationship by going to the future. Reason: You will avoid each other, either you avoid or you will avoid somewhere or somewhere, it will be done in the relationship and try to understand your partner.

So now I am going to remove the present of the white people and the future of the pink ones in the future card. Let’s see their present and future, then the present relationship of the white will remain, this strength and future will also remain strong, so you understand according to your stones. Suppose that the present you are present means that you have progressed in the relationship and that Infinity is supporting you and those who have this future card will also have a good relationship. Will not last all the time because the most important thing in this card is Infinity means Universal Energy is going to help you and also in the future and in the present.

So now I will tell the present of the blue ones and the future of the white ones, then the card that has come has come the page of the cup. This means it is a great card, it means that you are going to get some good messages in the present. If you are in a relationship in the present, then you can expect a good message, there may be some good messages, some kind of positivity can come. Positive feeling will remain in this relationship even in the future.

So I am going to tell the present of the Orange ones and the future of the Red ones, so the card we have is the Eight of Pentecles, it means Pentacles means finance, but if it has come into relationship, then it means that the present is hard working. You are working hard to keep the continuity to maintain the relationship, you are working hard, you are presenting the challenge, so that the future is going to be good. Have to work hard to make things normal.

So you are going to present the present of the Green ones and the future cards of the Orange ones, which is the last card today, then the card that has come has come 9 of Swords means this is the first thing which is a very bad card. It means you are going to have a lot of angst. Your relationship is or will be very frustrated. Those who are present in the relationship also have a problem in which they also have a problem in the future. In the present, you are going through Knightmare and you have a lot of problems. There is negativity, you will not be able to get out of this relationship and will have to face friction means that all your time which is going to be spoiled in it, then we will meet again with a new video till then like our channel, subscribe and share Don’t forget………………


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