A Tarot card is a set of colourful pictures including designs with names and numbers which represent some types of different energy as each one is unique. These cards are built by ancient psychics for various predictions and purposes.

Astrology is a mathematical system of various methods. Many types of astrology are practiced by experts around the world. No such dates are available for the beginning of the system of astrology, although astrology has been practiced in some way or the other in every era of human history.

The Tarot Card system is based on energy exchange. A psychic draws cards for any person by exchanging energy and that's how the tarot reveals the fortune and all important events of life.

Well, both are powerful mediums of fortune telling, however, if you are more inclined toward your life cycle timeline then the Vedic approach would be more helpful on another side, if you have specific questions then Tarot answers well.

Reiki is a healing medium and is trusted by millions. This process heals the materialistic or non-materialistic aspects such as health, wealth, love life, career and almost everything.

It is an ancient practice where people have a very deeper belief system of equality and non-dualistic reality. It is a very powerful mystical prayer or spell where one can have soul energy transformation which is called life energy. Very helpful for any relationship challenges.

Tarot Sessions are available for 300/- Chat, 500/- Telephonic and 999/- for Video Chat and<br /> other mediums are Chat 500/-, Telephonic 999/- and Video chat 1500/-.

There is no refund on bookings. You must book the session only if you are determined to take it as the particular slot will be given to you that can't be changed.