Do this before sleeping at night. Daily Dose for Success…


Do this before
sleeping at night.
Daily Dose for

Truth is light positive thinking and dark and false thinking is negative until you know what darkness is, then you do not understand their value. Till you don’t understand positive thinking Hi my name is Bishwajit’s life It is like a waste that you have to do every day because when you are doing positive thinking, there must be somewhere somewhere. By default does not work without plus and minus, similarly positive and negative thinking does not live without you. Some positive thinking will be healthy, if you do not think negative, it is not so, both of you will think, what is our job. When you live in the house, you use all your products throughout the day and collect a place which is garbage and next day. Throw it away and if you keep this kind of negativity in your mind, then it slowly creates more rot and produces more germs which causes more problems, even if you did not freeze while you were sleeping. If you are preparing it, you are getting up in the morning and have got up with a clean and friendly friend. I am getting up with positive thinking. I believe many people say that while you are sleeping, your last thought is your one who will drink, you are feeling happy, feeling happy or gum is feeling whatever. It is happening that you wake up in the morning with the same idea. Gratitude is the natural words that I have ordered. If you have a body, that too is a problem, then I have a disease. People have a physical challenge. It is a body that can be thankful for that too. You do not know what is the value of the body. I had read somewhere that some research It has been learned that if a human body is prepared, then it will cost 8 thousand crores, then you are living life on such a big property. Keep it fresh, understand that these things are in your body, you have your identity, so there is a lot that I will tell you in the coming videos, so when you are sleeping at night, then you have a greeting which makes you sleep full and thankful. So that you will have morning, keep all the positive negativity in your mind and sleep at night, remove it like garbage, then open the gate with your mind. If it is full then it is gone. I pause my voice, hope you liked this video, so if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, subscribe to the channel……….

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