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Birth Chart System in Astrology is very ancient. Samudri Shastra (Ocean Science) is the part of Rigveda and Astrology is part of that. According to Vedic history, existence of astrology is very old, it existed always and this was only the medium for man to understand the nature of earth and nature of universe. They discovered all the planets and stars names and their effects on individuals. Let’s explore your personalized chart today. You can choose Vedic and Western Astrology too.

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If you or any family member is about to get married then you must first check their compatibility such as their planet situation whether there would be lucky for each other? and life long stability in relationship. We helps to make the vibration compatable for each other.


The Birth Chart is the perfect medium to understand the person's strength and weakness and accordingly it can help one to choose the right field of work. This also predicts the future interms of growth, obstacles and difficulties to solve it erlier.


Are you worrying about your future health? Let us help you to analyse whether there is any chances of getting critical illness or not and what are the things you can do to prevent the future trouble also if you're already experiencing any health issue then we'll provide you the accurate solution.

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"We have 9 planets in Astrology Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn & Sun with Rahu & Ketu. Still in modern astrology study we have extra two planets which is Pluto & Uranus. The Calculation is based on the Zodiac sign and house of chart. The Planets Can be in Your favor and it can be malefic too and it depends on your Birth Details."
9 planets
" In the Birth Chart whether it is western or Vedic, Astrological Chart would have 12 Houses for Self, Money, Younger siblings, Mother, House, Good Karma, Desire, Romance, Enemy, Marriage, Partner, Other People, Health, Death, Education, Career, Profit, Elder Siblings, Property, Nirvana, Self undoing and etc. so the outcome changes by the planets."
12 House
"Astrology is not only influenced by the planets, houses and Zodiac sign but this is also important to see that star situation which most of the astrologer ignores as it has less vibration to people due to the distance however the star plays a major role in all the activities of life. There are total number of twenty seven stars exist and it's very important."
27 Stars
"Zodiac Sign is very popular among people and it believes that their are 12 different traits of people exist in our world, However the Zodiac sign can different for an individual, As in someone can have Virgo Sun sign and Aries Moon Sign and Leo Lagna Sign, most of the astrologer talks about Sun sign only, but all signs are important."
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