Tarot Card

Now these days there are many types of Tarot deck is available and names of cards are different too, however the ancient real cards which known as minor arcana cards it has four suits (cups, Pentacles, Swords & Wands) and each suits  has 14 cards each. According to the tarot history somewhere in 17th centuries western astrologers added more 22 cards which know as trump cards or major arcana cards. All together we have 78 cards in Tarot and many number of spreads. It really works and very helpful, you have not yet tried then you must give a beautiful surprise to self by conducting the session.

Tarot Card

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Love Life

Relationship is most important in life and we are specialized for love life counselling. As there are many challenges and dilemma we help to choose the best and make the situation according to your wish. Dealing with one side love, break ups, marriage issues then you are at the right place for consultation.


Tarot Guidance is very important to grow quick & easy. Time management, Decision making ability and clear vision are the key of success and you get these all in Tarot reading session including complete counseling & analysis. Explore your abilities and unlock you protential.

Energy Exchange

Our expertise in Energy exchange is very popular among our client, this helps you to change your mood instant with motivation, inspiration & positive thinking. By exchanging the energies your fortune changes as your thoughts are the path of your future so we helps you to alter your bad reality in prospurous future.

Popular Spreads

"The Spread which has 4 Real cards and 6 energy cards (perception) and gives a complete picture of your timeline, generally we prefer to give this on weekly basis in every session."
Caltic Cross
10 Cards
"It's dedicated to your goals, it can be personal life or professional life goals, The cards reveal your major, obstacles, challenges, affected cause and also how you can achieve the goals."
5 Cards
"One of the most debatable spread of Tarot is True Love spread, it express everything about your partner, his expectations, feelings, spiritual connection, physical & mental desire for the partner."
6 Cards
"When you are afraid of anything and you have questions or complain towards your fate or god or supreme energy, we consider to give this reading where you get cosmos messages in broader way."
Spiritual Guidance
8 Cards

Tarot Card Reading

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