Tarot Card Introduction Part 2 | Know the secret and importance of Guru


Tarot Card Introduction
Part 2 | Know the
secret and
importance of Guru.....

Hello my name is Bishwajeet jha and welcome to my youtube channel if you have not subscribed to our channel then please subscribe to the channel so hello to you. So that you don’t have to find our video. If you want to know tarot reading or want to learn how it works, how you can learn tarot card reading, then I would like to tell you that if you buy tarot card online then you cannot become a tarot reader tarot reading To do this, you need a Proper Guru. After that Guru who has a Tarot Card, the Guru whose Tarot Card is given by his Guru, and only through such channel can you get Tarot Card Reading. The cut should be predominant and the card can be the promoter only if your card is given by your master. There are many important things in the tarot card that you have to understand, such as the energy of the cards, there are 78 cards in this card and all of them vary. Different Minings and Different Different Spirits are like some people take out three cards, somewhere you may have seen 10 cards, and somewhere you have seen 5 cards. Somewhere you might have seen a card and more than that it means 10 15 20 depending on what your query is, different different spirits are used in it, as if you suppose you took out my card, you are mine. Suppose you have energy sitting at home. Suppose you are in Mumbai in Delhi, in Kerala or anywhere you are. As long as your practice is needed to get my card out of my energy card in long-distance, it requires experience. Only Guru can give books or online videos, he cannot give experience or practice, so I will guide you in many ways in which way you can enhance your energies so that your next readings are for customers or your own. How soon you can improve it for friends or for friends? I will try to tell you the information that is required to pick the best cards, I will tell you how to draw the card. How many types of spirits are there and how the cards you are extracting need to be a master for how the protagonist turns out. Knowledge of a book or YouTube videos will not give you the ability to become a psychic, so I would like to repeat tarot readings which Hai is a very good medium, it was invented even before the thirteenth century and today many people believe in it, so in this video of mine, I will try to give you information with maximum knowledge plus your readings. Also, I will do it plus I will also tell you how you can do tarot reading to know all these information, stay on our channel, subscribe to our channel, in our next videos, there will be similar facts by which I will give you here I can give you your reading while sitting.

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