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Reiki is a universal force, many countries has approved reiki as a massage and legal treatment for people, we never ask to stop your medication if you’re under doctor’s preservation but we heal your mind, body and soul to gain the best in everything. Approved by the ancient Reiki organization of Japan, Reiki Master Wali Always there to protect you from negative trance and bad fortune, Consider taking a Reiki treatment from us.

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Traditional Reiki

The form of energy can be experienced by attending the Reiki Session, No matter you are closer or at certain distance it works similar for every one. Our Traditional Healer helps you to feel better no matter what so ever going on in your life, feel the quick difference.

Usui Reiki

With Healing you have opportunity to develop your personality to became successful and wealthy. You can experience Spiritual discipline and cosmos energy which can make your day more useful always.

Heart Healing

Natural medium to heal your or your loved ones' broken heart by Heart Healing Reiki energy. Many People have emotions and past memory challenges and here our healers help you to feel much better, try now.

Types of Healing

"Reiki Massage is a modern technic of reiki associated with massage, in this treatment The Healer connects through a physical touch and it require face to face Healing environment. "
Reiki Massage
Cho ku rei
"This also known as discipline Reiki, as it has meditation discipline where vital energy travel through cosmic force and creates trance of meditation and this one is the ancient Reiki system."
Trance Healing
Sei hei ki
"Long Distance Reiki is same effective as the face to face one and this reiki system is more better quality wise for development and quick relief of bad health including depression and anxiety. "
Long Distance Healing
Hon sha ze sho nen
"Shri Reiki is a mix-up Reiki and extremely powerful as it is modified and associated with Kundali of body, it not just heal the body, mind and soul but also gives spiritual connection."
Shri Reiki
Dai ko myo

This is Reiki world

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