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Hi my name Bishwajit jha and welcome to my YouTube channel, so in today’s video, I will tell you what the child is about, there is no problem, there is no problem, reading about all these things in this video today. If I will tell you, then watch the full video, like and subscribe to the channel and do not forget to share, you have to select the stones here, here I have 8 types of stones, let’s start reading. So the colors of the stones are Purple, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange. It comes to me tomorrow of 8 types, so let’s start with 8 cards that will tell baby how the situation is. 

So the situation of the red people has come. It is a big decision about the baby. You may have to take a decision that will be positive, then those who have selected red will get positive results.

The card that has come from the Purple people is that this card is saying that the present situation is full of anxiety, it is very positive and they are maintaining the maturity, they are balancing, they are giving 100% to this fragrance very better. So do not worry about it, you should not worry about the frost because this physical and mental strength will grow very important baby, so do not worry everything will be good.

The card that has come from the white people has come, your present is the winner, you will get the victory. There is going to be a lot in your work. Congratulations but at the same time there may be difficulties, so do not give birth to the network and make a little concession and Is the medicine or whoever is taking the property, the Victory is very close.

The present situation of the Yellow people is that you will be so frustrated about the present, you will be feeling down and sometimes Kabar Negative, sometimes Kabar will be Feeling Normal But you were the same time, you can have a lot of negativity about future. It may be why it has not happened if it has not happened in the future So under this stressful situation is going on in your mind, this is your current situation, this is situation, so here I will say that by increasing the level of stress, your baby’s chances are very low. So I will request you not to take stress and do not think, do not take anxiety.

So the card of the green people is telling that you are very highly frustrated with this thing and with this face you can get depressed and the conveys that will be in 1 month, 2 months, 3 months can change in years of course. You must have followed a lot of Remedies, many people have to follow the advice, but have not received any good news due to which you are feeling disturbed, but if you want to achieve any goal then you should stay away from this thing. I said this anxiety in thorns earlier, but this file is for green people in this card, you will take some time but you will definitely get the results.

So the pink is the card of the present, the present is telling that you have done a very big responsibility, then you have worked on the negativity which came under your purview regarding the baby conceiving, you have taken a lot of action and you have now Your expectation will be high, but I will say that do not keep the expectation high, the action you have taken is very good, but try to maintain this thing, it can be done without your expectation.

Yellow card is the one that is there, do not worry at all. You will get the success very soon, because the world card has come on your part, it is a very high level card, which means that you will get 100% success then tension. Take everything ok.

So the card that has come from the blue ones has come, somewhere you have a feeling in your mind that let me live, I will not give it to you, I can understand how deep you have been inside, you have to be so much frustrated. It is not necessary, I will tell you by looking at it, but I am telling you in the boot that you should not take so much friction, even if there are chances, it will not be positive, say what you will, but it will not happen, but it will definitely be positive. Will be fine.

So here I am going to suck the random card, you will select the ones you had already selected, I will now tell you the future card, and how to overcome the possibilities and now I will tell you how you will get the success of the green ones. Number One Yellow People Number Two White Number 3 Blue Number 4 Orange Number 5 Purple Number Pink Pink Number 7 And Last Rate Number Number 8 Now You See Your Future By Number, See Babys Conceiving.

The number one card is the one that has come, if you want to get success, then you have all the things you already have, everything is already there, just to find you, the card of number two has come which is their success. It is that the method you are currently on, you may have moved ahead by leaving it on baby conceiving, you have invested a lot in the date is not Gonna Work Use Some Different Method and, the card of the number 3 has come in any way. If Miracle is expecting, then it is going to be yes, I am seeing a very good future in this, you have a card of number 4, that is, the moon will be the things flutuate will avoid negativity, avoid the idea of anxiety, you will also get success and , Number 5 is the card that is telling you that you are going to get good news very soon. It means that a new beginning is going to happen in your life. Number 6 is the card that is telling you that you are definitely Good news is about to be received, a new guest is about to arrive in the house very soon, so you too keep your expectation very high, number 7 The card that people have is the Judgment, this card is telling you not to make haste, do not take any wrong decision, it can cause a huge problem, your health can also be a problem, do not take any decision that gives you the problem The number card which is today is the last card which is telling us that there can be anxiety, keep your mind calm and it will take some time and relax with your baby conceiving……

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