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Welcome back this this luck calculator, you have to be a little quick in this, you will have to select the stones which are the stones. Choose the one you are attracting, I will tell you how much your luck is supporting you In this present situation. You are ready, let’s start with the pink ones. That card has come. Night of swords. That means 70% of your bhagya is supporting you. 70% of your luck is supporting you. Never leave the action as it is. At this time, the white people are the knights of pantacles, 90% luck is supporting you, you can expect a lot of it, and in this, the people of the Purple have the luck of Eight of Swords with your 30% Do not take h over exity. The yellow ones have a judgment, that is, your fortune is going 50-50, it is very dangerous, it can be reversed anytime thinking that the card of blue people who have come from the decision has come, you have come of cups, that is, your bhagya is 80 % Together and the orange ones are from eight of cups telling your bhagya is 70% hai with you Green people have hundred percent luck. Luck will be with you at the moment and the last card red stone will give you 60% luck in it, there is no problem in it. Be patient, it was your luck calculator, I hope you will understand. Small tips have also been given with the cards and this I am showing again the light off shorts of the pink ones means do not miss the action. Luck is very good luck and next is the night of white pantacles. Luck is also supporting you in this, people can believe in you, there will be a lot of support, people do not do any work in it and otherwise, you keep yourself happy, those who have used you, understand the decision of anyone, do not believe anyone. Looks may not be the one that seems to be a friend, it cannot be a friend, stop judgment at all, postpone the decision, then you will have to take a lot of damage. Next is a very good card for blue ones, it will bring good results. And the orange ones have the edge of cups, luck is supporting you in this, so if something comes out with one hand, the other hand will come to the other, it is not a matter of tension. No, you can try your luck with your eyes closed, you will definitely get some success in anything, but it is for limited time, so use it for limited time. Next is the Redstone ones, take a matured decision. It is not so bad, there is not even so much network, but if you work hard, you will get success only if you work, then you will definitely get success; Like, subscribe and don’t forget to share the channel


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