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Lover's feelings for you
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My name is Biswajeet and I have brought you today Basic reading for you on the relationship again. lover feelings for you. This relationship reading will not be like fortune forcast but this relationship reading which is going to tell you if your partner is as loyal as you are Do you relay your relationship with whom you are with whom you want to grow? Does he love you? Is the compatibility of both of you absolutely there or is there something that you should know but you don’t know how loyal for you Is your lover loves you as much as you do him and if you want to enter into a relationship and you are thinking about someone then from this video you will know if he loves you then this Watch the video in full because I have told different important things on different parts of the video, so when we start the video, I have removed the card here and I have placed 8 stans on it, you have been given the use For different types of 8 stones one color you have to choose which color you sucked Come, comment it, watch this video carefully and if there is any kind of confusion, then WhatsApp me or you can comment me on your questions, so let’s see the energy of the blue ones is telling its energy that you love He is with you, he is completely loyal to you, he wants whatever decision he brings to you in this relationship.

So let’s see the card of Orange people is telling you that your partner is unsetified in the relationship and in the coming time, you are going to feel lonely, do not talk more to them, make a luck connection or a relationship connection is completely fine. Is not.

Let’s see Pink’s card is telling that whoever you are in love with or with whom you are in a relationship, you love him as much as he loves you, he loves you very much and he is complete Kind of loyal, there is a very good card in this relationship.

So let’s see the card of the Red people is telling that the person you love with whom you have a relationship is deeply emotionally attached to you in this relationship, but they are feeling unsetified and lonely in your present. They do not see, they know what you have to do.

So let’s check the Purple’s card and it is telling here that both of you who are very good in the relationship are positive, but Luck is also supporting you fully. Both the marriages will last long and your relationship will be very good. .

So let’s check the white card, saying that both of you are not relationship transporter, sorry if your relationship is going well but it is a good thing but whatever is going on between you as there are many things. Is not real but I am not feeling that your partner is as interested as you are.

So let’s us check cards of yellow ones are saying that your partner is loyal to you, but he does not have complete confidence on himself, then you need to gather more trust for him in this relationship. Patnar is quite confused about this relationship.

So let us check the card of the green ones saying that your partner is loyal but is not completely ready for this relationship, his attrition towards you is very low which we cannot love you anymore with you. In this relationship there is a need to spend time.

So now I will tell you what you can do to make your relationship better if you want complete love of your lover or your lover who is in the relationship and never want you both to have a breakup Ins for all of these, I am going to give the biggest solution for all this, their easy solution must follow it, follow it for two-three months, you will get very good results and it will not only improve your relationship, besides financial help voice will also help you. And this is the solution, observe Ekadashi fast twice a month. There are three types of fasting for Ekadashi, first of which you do not even drink water. It is as if you do not eat files, eat fruits, drink water, but do not eat, and the third one is the easiest one in which you keep everything special, just cannot eat rice, eat everything except rice, eat bread or Do not eat onion, do not eat garlic, do not eat anything that contains rice onion, garlic Use this stuff, hope you liked this video, like the video, like the video, subscribe to the channel ko

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