Love Guidance as Tarot Card


Love Guidance as Tarot Card...........

Thank you so much for watching my video and I hope that you have liked the videos that I have put so far, what is the choice like, if there is any suggestion, then my name is Biswajit, I am an astrologer from profession. The tarot card reader I am going to focus on in today’s video is all the love related predictions. Now see here the biggest thing that you have to understand is the rules that I am going to tell you in the rules, because this is the most Here is a big link to this video, as you know, I use different types of stones Yellow White Blue Purple Orange Green Red Pink So this is 8 stones, what you have to do, you have to choose one of these stones, which stone you I will choose to remove this stone at that place again. I will tell you the details of a card and tarot. The relationship has to be done as quickly as possible, one stone for yourself and one stone for your partner. Where is the present present card, here is the turn of the cup which is telling, in this relationship, in this relationship, to a very high level in this relationship, both of you are emotionally very attached to each other, no matter you are together or now. No, I hope both of you have a connection. If the connection does not remain as much as you understand emotionally, as much as you are interested, as much as your partner is also intreact, what the other has said for these people is that Green Green means it. The past has ten of cups in the past that you have been able to do as much as you have been in the high level. In the coming time, both of you are going to miss each other so much that you are going to have some kind of design in the middle of your life, due to which the modern emotion may be a bit down, which is that people have analyzed so much time. No, it needs to be done, so set the mind and move forward Let’s check the blue card, as you have chosen blue, you will also get 4 cards, which will be pink green, red will tell pink, present will tell green, past will tell red, future and yellow will tell decoration as you are watching Already put 4 cards and end randomly putting stones on it and this prediction is just for group blue ones, I am checking first yellow which is suggetion will be the first card decoration according to this card. Telling See the three off swords according to the logic is telling that if you are already a Broken Heart in your relationship and the problem is already going on and it is less likely that you will get the solution but check your present. What you are saying is experiencing yes or sprituality, you are not able to handle the situation in this relationship or not in this situation, it is out of your hand and the green card is telling in past and past. You are fast telling that communication is breaking and the partners are avoiding you and this is causing negativity. Now let’s check the card with red. The card that is telling is straggling in the relationship, sorry blue ones. Let us know what is the past future and present yellow green red and pink of the red people is our four stones? So this is the first stone, that means that the decoration is the decoration for the red people, the first one is your attachment to the hermit decoration and the feeling of lonelyness is increasing, move forward in the future and practice finding a way to make this relationship a success. Pink can be made, which is a present situation. Your present presentation of your relationship is telling that speak finances Ali or speak emotionally. There is no interaction of people in every way. Relationship is better and come on the rad which is telling you In future, the lovers are telling the lovers that it means that your partner is supporting you and it is telling that Allredy has won a battle, this relationship has been selected. If you have selected Redstone, then your relationship is going to be very good…..

thankyou so much………………………..

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