Love Guidance as Tarot Card Part 2


Love Guidance as
Tarot Card Part 2..........

If you have selected Yellow Stone for you, I am removing 4 cards as I had removed in the previous video, 4 cards and I do not randomly put different four stones, this is Yellow Green Red and Pink has already been told. Pink tells your present, Green is your fast, Red is your future, and the yellow that is your presentation is the first. You are telling in Pink present, the girl in the relationship here is a woman, she is completely loyal so the present situation in the ship is perfect. What is the card of the decoration, that is the stone, this is what is the decoration of this card or this relationship, it is telling that it is telling that your emperere means that the card is this and the redstone is what it tells the future. The effort that your partner will have in the relationship that you have in the future will be 10 times more than it is in the future, he will come back in the relationship and the past is telling that there was some kind of expectation in the past which is not complete Could and some kind of more crash happened It is known that the relationship cards of the Purple people are taking out the first 4 cards, we will tell you on that, we see your past present and future, what is the reality in your relationship, what is fake and what are the possibilities, the first card is coming from Green which tells Past is, first you will see the past of your relationship. You have a little betterment in the relationship and the decoration card which is yellow is telling the queen of cups you will enjoy the relationship in the future and you will be successful in the pink card in the relationship. What is present is your mood in the present situation that you are ready to take action on this relationship and develop it and this is the red card that your future is telling, you are telling this. That in the coming time you will have some kind of optics on top of which you will have to build more new plans, it will be better to wait a little bit for this relationship to be successful. So let’s check Pink’s future, so here I have removed 4 cards and I have placed four stones on it, I have placed stones and wait a little, now I will reveal what is your past present and future. The card has come, which is of decoration, it is telling that now is the right time to change this relationship traditionally, if there is a senior, parents who are brothers tell them to stand with you for this relationship and this present is He is telling that the brink of relationship is shaking a bit, to maintain the relationship, you have to maintain your relationship, so what your future tells Redstone, then he is telling that a sparkling relationship can go ahead and problem. You can also get separated in your relationship, both of you and the green card is telling your fast, which is telling, you have already done a lot of fights. Grow and take the right decision. Let us know what is the relationship of the white people, what is their past present and future, so here we have removed 4 cards on which we will put 4 stones, then this will tell what is the rationale of your relationship, it is telling about the relationship in your relationship. The relationship in which you are moving has become very much complicated in this, whether taking action or moving forward, it is time to wait on it, tell the rate, the future is telling that the broken heart is going to be a separation. In both of them I am sorry, such negative cards are sometimes seen, but it is very much needed for your time and your life. Green card is telling. You have tried in every way, so handle Shane Ship. And the problem on fixing is not getting fixed and Pink who tells the current situation is saying that you are still emotionally unabashed, trying very hard to fix things. So let’s start with what is going to be the past present and future of Orange people, their past present and future, so here I have removed four cards and I have placed four stones on top of it, so let’s see the first card is the decoration Or if it is telling you your partner is taking your relationship as an opportunity, going out of the situation will take some kind of step which will improve your mood, you need to consult people. Need some kind of shortcut medium can also try to fix this relationship and the green card that tells your fast is telling people. There are many people who are interfering in it for the relationship of both of you. Which is not good for your relationship at all. Don’t talk to people about your relationship. Red who is telling your future your partner is going to have a lot of cold towards you. Very good very good card.

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