Is luck in fortune going abroad or not? Is it a coincidence to get a job abroad?


Is luck in fortune
going abroad or not?
Is it a coincidence
to get a job abroad?

Hello and welcome to my channel thank you for making our channel thank you for subscribing to our channel, Bishwajit jha who have not subscribed to my channel yet, please subscribe please like and do not share So today’s topic is the idea of getting the foreign country your settlement or the idea of receiving the higher education of the foreign country or the idea of getting a job in another country, in the related match video. Today I will tell you or whether it is about foreign travel or anything from journeys or PR visa passports. Is there any pro blem related to this? I will cover all these things here, so know how much percent chance you have in life, so let me start late, what is your card, I am succeeding, hope you all have their wishes fulfilled. I will always have any kind of personalization to support your dreams and to fulfill the wishes of your people, if you want to discus any kind of things, about career or anything. If you have a problem, you can go to our Facebook page and message me from there, I will tell you all the normal conditions, after that I will book your rule and then I will tell about your problem, then I will take it out of my card. At this time I will tell you that your Fortune as you are seeing that I also have stones on top of the cards and it is full stones and we believe that it can pick up your energy and that is what you are in it today. We will tell your stone and on your stone we will tell you how your fate is to go foreign. Here we have 8 types of stones. The first one is Blue Green and Red Yellow Pink Purple White. We have it so you can suck it for yourself or your family members. The card that has come out for the blue stone is strenghth and devil cardsdevil card your jupiter is with you, it is with infinity devil means you will definitely achieve your goal, you can go to any country you want. If you want to work there, you can work, it can also be a settlement. This is the infinity card, but the devil card is telling that you can be scared because of fear of any kind of activity on someone. Are tense, overcome your fear about this thing and get out of this thing, get out of the confusion, it will not let you move, so get out of this confusion Next is the card of green ones, the card of green ones has come, so the result which has come here is knight of pantacles and eight of swords. These two are mixed together. Read them both. Jupiter Manuga Jupiter. People who will support you in your foreign dream which you are dreaming of going immediately, and the problem that is going to be a problem in the future is Eight of swords The challenge will become more difficult for you, and as I see you coming, the work you do today is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and it makes you feel that what you are taking in the light is what is seriously The card that has come to the people of Orange is not coming. The Seven of Wands and Page of Wands are so basic. Wands are always what they are. It is a symbol of positiveness. Is not and it’s a cool person The card that I have taken out of the yellow people is the two of wands and the queen of cups. Which is your connection to Abroad, whatever you want to do education, whatever the answer is very high, telling in the future that you will keep yourself in a comfort zone, that means you will not take action, you will check, then you sit comfortably. Will not work, it means that you have got an Already visa and you are thinking that when I go, these things are there. The card of the Red people is the two off cup and the death card which is telling the two off cup is that the journey you started, you still have not got success in it. There are some people who are helping you in this thing. And this is the sign that is the sign, the world of the universe, everything is moving forward in your front on the sum of your positive and even today you are thinking that you will achieve it and the death card is what it is telling that Telling that means that what you want to go to your job road is not clear, you do not know what to do, you have to change beyond The pink card that is there is the Three of Cups and the flower card which is that is your reality. It means that there is no stress. You are also becoming the support of some people, that is, plan to go to Abroad. Definitely can go The white card of the people is that it is Six of Wands and Queen of swords. It is also very transparent reading six of wands. Positive Thinking Victory. Some people have left immediately, so you can go for whatever you want. For continue go to my youtube channel………

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