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Hello my name is Biswajit jha and welcome to my Youtube channel its name is Fortune Teller –  Shri tantra sangha. Outside your personal life and your personal life.The second zodiac Friends Family Relatives Plus Society relates to all this which is an astrological point of view, I will frighten you and tell you that there is a lot of information that you deserve and share.So if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, please subscribe to the channel so that you do not have to find our video somewhere, whenever we upload a new video you will reach us. Basicly I also know palmistry, called palmistry, tarot reading is quite popular. My lot of people know that my Facebook page is one where you can go and a lot of people interact with me there not only India Outside India too. Seeing my video from you, I will short you that you will definitely get some interest in our videos, I want to give you a little information about tarot reading.Tarot reading which is a very old astrological medium. According to our Vedas, oceanography is called science in English. Astrology and astrologers are a lot of mediums as if people would know that some people tell by looking at hands. Seeing the face, some people make a chart by looking at the date of birth time, the charts of Vedic astrology are squares, the charts of Western astrology are in the circle, the information is one of the two, but giving information separately- Different Western astrology and Vedic astrology have a difference of 15 days. I will expand later, as I was telling you, the medium is palmistry. Face reading is Vedic astrology. Western astrology is tarot reading is tarot reading which is called . Actually egyption Our country has started from there and people who do not know about tarot reading at all, then I will give you information, you will get more clarity than what is a tarot reading card, as here people have seen that When playing cards, it has different different cards such as Ace, Diamond, Heart and Club and All, so the tarot card has 4 different elements. The 4 different sign that has been decode and that sign is Wands suit,  swords Suit, cups suit, pantacles Suit.  Minor Arcana Card Ancient Card which was the first cut Tarot reading has different meanings of these four cards and which are different- There are different minings which of course vary. Such as Swords or Wands or Pentacles. These four are Elements. This is considered to be a basic basis. Like Swords. A lot of people say that this is Swords. Some tarot readers like Truth have some tarot readers call it. Matchure Decision Matchure Action. Some people say that Pentacles represent finance. What I want to say is that there is a discount of 14 cards in4suite. Show we have 56 cards which are minor ie Ancient is real. The culture that started it gradually became extinct. Tarot readings were started long ago which started in about 13th century. And by the 17th century it was extinct, after this, in the 17th century, Western Astrologers studied it and added 12 new cards to it to make it better, which is called Major Arcane Card. We have total 78 cards, so this Hai is the normal information of tarot reading if you have not subscribed to our channel, please subscribe to it and on this we will tell you the new secret and will do tarot reading.

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