From meditation to miracles, full practice.

Welcome From meditation to miracles, full practice............ Today I will help you, how to do meditation, whatever comes differently, they tell in different ways how to do meditation, I know many people who do meditation and at any perticular point Keep the mind, look at it, then look at the light and there are many people who have experienced it. They talk to someone in the meditation. They see someone's face. A lot of people have not done this but a fantasy. The basic meaning of this is that it is to present to the present. I have also told earlier that in our life we spend 60% of the past. We create, some people take positive. So to attend the present, we meditate. attention is very important. From the…

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Consciousness can save millions………….

Welcome Consciousness can save millions.................. My name is Bishwajit jha and I am an astrologer by profession and a Reiki healer, so all my subscribers are as many viewers as my clients are clients. It will be that the elephant was killed by giving a bomb, this sad incident, the whole of India and the people who are outside it are also despising it. It is very bad that it proves that for every animal in our part There is equal love and you and what we can do for this, send it to us. This video of our day is not intensified. Sometimes a rat has suffered from a cat to a dog to a cow, but the lack of reason for our careless attitude What happens…

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Control your condition and reach your stage………

Welcome Control your condition and reach your stage.......... Just say this, I will not worry about anything about myself, you are saying this statement, you are saying to yourself again, I will not get angry for today, anything happens, something is lost, someone is wrong I will not get angry or whatever, for today only the third principal is its just for today, I will be kind and loving to everyone for today. I will love all my enemies as well. And if I have goodwill, for today, all the people in my life will take all I have and that was it, I will work hard for today, I will work with full passion, I will work hard only for today and today is the fifth principal. I…

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After all, what does Kayanat want you to say? Knowing the above gesture.

Welcome After all, what does Kayanat want you to say? Knowing the above gesture.................... Hello Everybody My Name Is Bishwajit Jha And Welcome Back To My Channel Today I Give You The Reading Best Speechtual Message What You Will See In This Video Today Will Be Based Cards What The Cosmos Wants To Say Is What God Wants To Say To You Is Your Favorite God What you want to say, I will tell you all those things in the match video, so here we have the total 8 types of stones that you already know, you have to select the favorite tow from 8 stones, here it is green, white, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple and Red so let's start.So only the green ones are selected, out…

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Luck Calculator in Hindi | Tarot Card….

Welcome Luck Calculator in Hindi | Tarot card..... Welcome back this this luck calculator, you have to be a little quick in this, you will have to select the stones which are the stones. Choose the one you are attracting, I will tell you how much your luck is supporting you In this present situation. You are ready, let's start with the pink ones. That card has come. Night of swords. That means 70% of your bhagya is supporting you. 70% of your luck is supporting you. Never leave the action as it is. At this time, the white people are the knights of pantacles, 90% luck is supporting you, you can expect a lot of it, and in this, the people of the Purple have the luck of Eight…

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Pregnancy-related prophecy | Tarot Card Spread for Pregnancy..

Welcome Pregnancy-related prophecy | Tarot Card Spread for Pregnancy.... Hi my name Bishwajit jha and welcome to my YouTube channel, so in today's video, I will tell you what the child is about, there is no problem, there is no problem, reading about all these things in this video today. If I will tell you, then watch the full video, like and subscribe to the channel and do not forget to share, you have to select the stones here, here I have 8 types of stones, let's start reading. So the colors of the stones are Purple, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange. It comes to me tomorrow of 8 types, so let's start with 8 cards that will tell baby how the situation is. So the situation of…

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Is luck in fortune going abroad or not? Is it a coincidence to get a job abroad?

Welcome Is luck in fortune going abroad or not? Is it a coincidence to get a job abroad? Hello and welcome to my channel thank you for making our channel thank you for subscribing to our channel, Bishwajit jha who have not subscribed to my channel yet, please subscribe please like and do not share So today's topic is the idea of getting the foreign country your settlement or the idea of receiving the higher education of the foreign country or the idea of getting a job in another country, in the related match video. Today I will tell you or whether it is about foreign travel or anything from journeys or PR visa passports. Is there any pro blem related to this? I will cover all these things…

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Bhagya Chakra | How to know your fate…..

Welcome Bhagya Chakra | How to know your fate... Hello and welcome back to my channel, so today I am going to remove General Reading Card in General Reading, I will cover everything you have, your personal life, your professional life, your present past future. So you know what is in your destiny, what can you expect, in the coming times, what do people think the friends-friend family, we will cover all these about you, what is your friend in this general reading? Afraid if you want another video, you can comment on me and make me a video on it, as you know this is a general reading, I am going to cover a lot in general reading. General is very long. It is half an hour as…

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Do this before sleeping at night. Daily Dose for Success…

Welcome Do this before sleeping at night. Daily Dose for Success.... Truth is light positive thinking and dark and false thinking is negative until you know what darkness is, then you do not understand their value. Till you don't understand positive thinking Hi my name is Bishwajit's life It is like a waste that you have to do every day because when you are doing positive thinking, there must be somewhere somewhere. By default does not work without plus and minus, similarly positive and negative thinking does not live without you. Some positive thinking will be healthy, if you do not think negative, it is not so, both of you will think, what is our job. When you live in the house, you use all your products throughout the…

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