Bhagya Chakra | How to know your fate…..


Bhagya Chakra |
How to know
your fate...

Hello and welcome back to my channel, so today I am going to remove General Reading Card in General Reading, I will cover everything you have, your personal life, your professional life, your present past future. So you know what is in your destiny, what can you expect, in the coming times, what do people think the friends-friend family, we will cover all these about you, what is your friend in this general reading? Afraid if you want another video, you can comment on me and make me a video on it, as you know this is a general reading, I am going to cover a lot in general reading. General is very long. It is half an hour as I am going to remove according to universal cards 8 stones you have to suck a color out of it and the color you suck will have a number on it, according to that number your reading will be. Number One Yellow, Number 2 White, Number 3 Green, Number For Orange, Number 5 Pink, Number 4 Blue, Number 7 Purple and Red Done Number 8 So Total We Have 8 Stones. 

Yellow card has come, it means that you have removed your bird in the past, you are moving on something in the present, but all the time there is a hesitation in mind, I will fix this thing and in the coming time If things are in balance then you will not be able to take the action that you want to take, you will move on and things will become normal. There is one thing about which your hope is completely over. Question is very negative. Your answer is telling that you are in balance You will have to walk in which you have no chance of getting a victory. If there is a place, then working on it will not suit you at all because more negativity will take birth than that you respect what you have, give value to it. You are not satisfied about things. Your emotions are telling that there is unsetness from your situation with your situation.

Here is the second number card, in it, you know that you already know what was going to happen in the past, what is going to happen, what you want to do in your life, you have a clear vision, you have everything really well but you are still down Are doing emotionally but really things are quite normal. Future will not be transparent, you will have to read a lot ahead of many things. There are many major decision-makers who are very lucky to be in your future and people who are thinking very positive thinking about you. You think that you go to the circle of life and stay in one place and you are very scared of this thing, but do not despair, hiding things can increase depression in the future. 

The card of the number 3 has come, Past is telling that things were very balanced, you are also moving somewhere and you are very positive with things and you and you also have the same question that how to balance things and In the future, I see that you are changing the resident, you want me to be responsible orRemove Burden from your life, but even after trying, you will not be able to remove it. But you are going to have a big decision, keep it with you.

The card that has come from the number four has come, there is a lot of travel going on in his life, there are many things that he wants to fix, he is trying very big but is not getting fixed and one of the biggest problems is your Those people are spoiling you, if you maintain positive results, you will get very good results, hard work will come in your life, good results will come.

Number 5 is the card of those who have come, fear is not afraid of anyone anymore, people do not believe in anything. Time has not given any support to you. Such a question has left you with some positive information coming out of your heart-bending information. Bad card is not a good card. According to the card, your personality is very positive, you are very positive thinking, but in the coming time you will face problems but you will recover but it will take time but everything will be fine. .

The cards that have come from number 6 are telling that you have passed through emotional Roma in fast, you are very emotional, now you are an emotional person, there are many people in your life. If you are emotional, then your scale which is very high, the field you will be in, you will reach the success one day and there will be some readers who have reached till now on their success and those who did not reach the deffinity will trust you. You have a lot of power in you, you can do everything, you can handle big things very easily. Your question is whether you want to start something new, be it a business or a job or anything, you are a question. Should I start him, do I get a victory in him, then I have an answer yes yes you will definitely get victory, you can move forward for him. You will have hidden enemy.

The card that has come from the number 7 has come that it is questionable, they are also starting something new, business relationship, something new for it, whatever it is, you want to invest in some new things. He will support a lot and he wants to start this thing very well and he will also get victory in this, leave the experience of past. It has not been good for you, do what you want to do. Your luck is with you. Will surely win.

The card of the number 8 has come, do not make any kind of judgment, you can get a lot of problems by making a judgment, the week ahead is very good in life. Gonna have a lot of negativity, but at the same time if you go around you, then your negativity that is passing by you will not be visible in front of you, which is going to be very negative due to your feeling.


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