Beneficial Havan | Change your destiny to good luck


Beneficial Havan |
Change your
destiny to good

Hello my name is Bishwajit jha and welcome to my Youtube channel if you are not subscribe my channel please subscribe my channel and like and also share my youtube channel I have brought a beneficial fire to you all. Listeners, you must have seen many such Havans and physically attended and participated too. Havans are of many types, are for a lot of purpose and maybe half an hour to an hour or even less than 1 day to explain it. Go to the video you are watching right now, we believe that if you watch this video carefully, watch this fire, feel its vibrations instantaneously, problems in your heart, difficulties, problems and we are feeling so much today that it is a replacement. Will do with positive vibrations like what you call healing, it will definitely heal you as well God will trust. Watch it in peace with faith This havan was done around midnight and today I am uploading this virtuous date which will be seen by the audience whenever today, 1 year and 10 years whenever you will see the vibrations that you still have at that time Healing will give as much as it is mine today, I would like to tell you that this havan is tantric. But I am sure that if you watch this video full then you will feel good about the fire. We have tried to heal you. Through this video, it will give you exactly the same result as you would in a havan. They do the Havan by sitting on their own incense with fire and they will give the same fruit as the fire. I am here to increase your mental, physical and financial strength I will say a few sentences, you feel it, try to get round in my mind, just for today I will not be angry for today I will not be angry if I miss someone who has treated me away from me in the past. I will not rage that person today, I will not rage at all, I will forget all my past rage, just for today I will not rage today, I will not allow activity to come into my mind, only for today I will not rage. Wishing my anger in this fire, just for today I will not be angry, just for today I will not worry, be any type of concern, finance related or relationship related, there is no worry for today, I will not worry all my worries I will not be consumed in the city, I will not worry for today, I will not worry; I will not worry in my life, I will not worry, I consume all my worries in the fire, I will live in the present for today. The experiences that I had experienced while doing this havan in the middle of the night, I felt the energy, I want you all to feel this energy and for this you have to express your gratitude in your mind by abandoning your worries You have to focus your attention here. God is listening to you. You are mentally doing havan. Let go of your past. All good habits have gone into the past and show gratitude for what you have in the present. Forgive the best sun will rise in your life after this video……. For more go to my youtube channel.

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