After all, what does Kayanat want you to say? Knowing the above gesture.


After all, what
does Kayanat want
you to say?
Knowing the
above gesture....................

Hello Everybody My Name Is Bishwajit Jha And Welcome Back To My Channel Today I Give You The Reading Best Speechtual Message What You Will See In This Video Today Will Be Based Cards What The Cosmos Wants To Say Is What God Wants To Say To You Is Your Favorite God What you want to say, I will tell you all those things in the match video, so here we have the total 8 types of stones that you already know, you have to select the favorite tow from 8 stones, here it is green, white, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple and Red so let’s start.

So only the green ones are selected, out of these 3 cards, they can select the card, they can select blue red or white only from the green ones, then the green ones have selected, then their card has come. So it is telling that Cosmos is coming for you, some kind of Golden Opportunity like a Dream Project or some kind of big Opportunity is going to knock such a very big Opportunity to you and if Red is selected by Green people So the card has come, Ten of Wands is telling you that you should not worry, whatever responsibility you fulfill, then it is for the white people, the free off shot is for the people you trust and are moving forward, you can leave it half way. So don’t believe people or else there will be broken heart.

So select White with Purple Yellow and Red, select one of these three cards. If you have selected White, then it is the Three telling of Pentacles that in the coming time, cosmos is saying that you will meet with such a question. The one you wanted to meet with, if you have selected Purple, then Cosmos says that if your Plan A fails, then Plan B has to be kept and Yellow selected, then their card is telling. We have to say that Cosmos wants to say that definitely Will come in your life but will have to go through an disappointment before that.

So the Orange people have selected what you have of the Orange people, or you have to select one color from either Low Purple and Green, if you have selected this low, then your past is to keep it intact and stand fighting alone for a long time. By the time all the victories will be received, Purple has sucked that it is telling that you will go alone and in seclusion in the coming time, then you will be upset and disappointed and will not talk to the people and Green wants to say that there is a lot of decision to be positive. Take the decision trust yourself there is going to be a lot of profit

So if you have selected this yellow, then if you have selected yellow, then you have to select orange blue and white, so the Cosmos of the orange people have come to say that you want to enlarge your plan and you are not ready to work yet. I want to say something to the blue people, if you keep this fight, then you will win and do not worry.White people say that a little bit of Cosmos is getting time what is difficult if you will keep growing fast positive energy.
So the blue ones are to be selected. 3 Stone Pink Yellow and Green. If you have selected, Pink is telling you that the message of the Cosmos is for you that you are going to be relocated, if you are going to travel somewhere else. So Cosmos is telling you not to engage with future tenses and if you have selected green, then be careful you are going to get bitrile.
So if pink people have selected the stones, then they have to select red green and white, if you have liked red, then its message is that you are going to change your country to increase the finances. You can change the city. If you have selected green, then it is saying that make a financial balance and do shavings. If white is sucked then it means that there is an unexpected expectation from somewhere.
So if you have selected Purple, then you have to select Blue Purple and Orange, then for the Blue people who have come, Cosmos wants to tell you that you are protected. That the financial struggle still remains, the orange one wants You will get a victory on your financial situation very soon.
So the red ones have to be selected, here the three stone white yellow and orange is for the white ones. The thing you want to get is going to be in some kind of pendency in the coming time. If you have no movement This has sucked the emotional, which is the determination you find in yourself and you have set the orange, so the relationship that you have is not going to be a great problem.
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