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About Astrology

Guru Khepa

Astrological Science helps you to achieve your most important goals, gives you a clear vision...

Earth is revolving around the sun and every second we are achieving a different destination in this endless universe. By this movement of the boundless universe and the planets, it’s difficult to understand what is the future of all creature of this earth. Before the scientific explanation and definition, Vedic culture has followed the Astrological medium since millenniums. Astrology subject is related to the secret matrix system of cause & effect. Many subjects have been manifested after the studies of astrology, in which Philosophy, Psychology, Ayurveda, Construction and many other art subjects are included. Later, when all these areas expanded by the different practices, people started doing a debate on astrology and separated all it’s subject and now these all subjects have known as a different science and individual one. The Value of Astrology can’t be avoided by society, even after decades struggle of existence Astrology is still popular among all. It has been spread out to all nation of the globe. It has been modified and got different faces (e.g. Chinese Zodiac, Western Astrology & etc.), many other astrological visions have been added after the development of Math & different science such as Numerology, Tarot Card, Crystal Ball & different religion ritualistic prediction methods somewhere spiritual practices are also becoming a part of it and that’s how I became a Fortune Teller. 

How would reading help? Remedies

So here we are… I became a fortune teller, our family is a Brahmin family of India and we have very close relation with the ancient historical Kings of Mithila which is located at the boarder of Nepal and India. Becoming a Hindu priest is a common interest of my ancestors so performing Vedic rituals and following spirituality is my family tradition which I am also following since my childhood. I have learned Palmistry at the age of 8 and so on my journey to became fortune teller began. I have taken the Guru Deecha from Tara Tantra clan and got the name Guru Khepa from my Guru Krishna Khepa and His Guru name is Haradhan Chakraborty and his Guru is Tara Khepa and his Guru is Bama Khepa. Now I have practiced different mediums of Astrology and with my decades experiences I can diagnose your life cycle and all issues which you’re experiencing and in a reading only, I can prescribe you the best solution through different range of remedy.


We have not only started giving online astrological session world wide with Tarot & Vedic astrology but also we have we have given opportunities to learn all these secret science and knowledge to help and promote people and society. We all face challenges in our life and some of the issues we solve my our hard work and some issues are not solvable because of some other factors and there is the help of Astrologer require to guide, answer the question (why, when, how) and solution with proper remedy with accurate prediction.

Frequently asked questions

Vedic Astrology is based on 12 zodiac & 9 planets, it’s a very transparent subject. One can see it’s pure mathematical calculation which helps to predict the life cycle of life. Apart from the calculation of Vedic math, Astrology helps you to understand the importance of planets and houses, based on these theory, an astrologer can give 100% accurate reading, beware all the free reading which you see or read can be just an experiment of modern software so always rely on personalized paid services.

Tarot Card Reading is a very powerful medium to get accurate reading without date of birth and time. Tarot Reading is only powerful when you have taken this initiation from someone who has got it from his Tarot Master, that’s mean the Tarot Psychics has a chain coming from ancient time and only these reader can get accurate cards if they’ll pick up behalf of any client, Like I have got it from Wali The Tarot Master.

Yes, Online session is same useful as a face to face consult. It’s not really require the concern person to visit the Astrological premises for a reading this can be easily done over the phone or online Chat.

In order to book your session either you can chat with our expert through this website or you can also WhatsApp me directly on +917059230715 to book your session according to your availability.

In order to book your session either you can chat with our expert through this website or you can also WhatsApp me directly on +917059230715 to book your session according to your availability.

If you have completed your schooling (Graduation) then only you can join our premium and master level different astrology certificate program. To check your eligibility click here.

Yes, We’re hiring fresher and experienced Psychics, astrologers and fortune teller. If you want to work with world’s biggest astrological Brand Shri Tantra Sangha Click here. Only graduate or equivalent to graduation can join.

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Sit back at home, let us help you to give premium class Astrological services which you always wanted. Save your time & energy, avail Online session. Few comments from our clients mentioned on this page. Please note we don’t show the feedbacks until you approve to publish it publicly. Your details are 100% secure with us.

Sean Holmes

"Excellent Services . Just try it out”

Suruchi Bhatnagar

"Sir is very accurate in his readings and also answers all the queries really patiently. Thank you so much sir.”


Crystal Williams

"Pretty good.
Thank you for the guidance. It is of much help.

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