Allow Me To assist You With overshooting Your Goals in the Right Ways.

Welcome to Shri Tantra Sangha! Your house to each type of online fortune-teller discussion. Counsel the Tarot reader of India for a moment of crystal gazing at the web conference and get the answers to your concerns. From Vedic Astrology to Tarot card perusing, and in the middle between, including Birth Chart (Kundali),  Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Aura Reading, Spiritual Healing, Numerology, Online Horoscopes, Western Divination, Vastu specialist, Vedic Astrology, wheel readings and that is just the beginning.

Specialty in:
Tarot card reading, astrology by date of birth, palm reading, numerology, reiki.

What I Do

You may not necessarily in all cases get the event to genuinely plunk down with somebody who’s talented in the specialty of reading the tarot cards, so then at STS we plan to give you complete guidance and simple analysis of your life cycle over a call. Ideally, this will give you some joy, as well as perceptivity and a clear vision of what’s in store in the future for you.

I Coach.

At the point when you have clarity, you feel relaxed and choices and opinions can be made all the more without any problem. Regular Astrological mediums and growth analysis.

I Predict.

A Tarot Reading session can help with directing you through your worried passions and nightmares, by offering a print of your history, present, and coming future.

I Heal.

We understand the value of this 2000 years age-old knowledge that was brought to us by our monks for world healing. We’re your one-stop result for online Reiki and long-distance healing.

Need Advice?

If you’re going through some complicated problem/ struggle or the pace of life has stopped, then consider taking a session.

My e-Books & Courses

what soft copies available….. coming soon


“ I wish I could have taken a session with you long ago, everything would have been much better today. You’re the best,  Thank you for everything.” 

Priyanka, Germany

My Story

My birthplace is Darbhanga, Bihar. I belong to a Hindu priest family. I started palmistry when I was in the 4th standard. The encouragement of my friends and family towards my accurate predictions helped me to get more into Astrology and different mediums. I learned most other mediums (Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reading, Vastu and Intuition reading) in Kolkata. Reiki healing and pendulum healing have started in Delhi NCR with few other prediction systems.

I personally have seen different types of journeys in life and studied many difficult cases while developing my psychic abilities, so I understand and respect others’ emotions and feelings. I feel thankful to God for giving me the ability to guide others through this ancient knowledge.